2021: A Building Might Dream

A Building Might Dream… and if it did, how would that look? Who would inhabit those dreams?

Follies allowed engineers to be whimsical, and amateurs to be architects. Freed from the constraints of function, a folly could express the idiosyncrasies of its builder, signify status or fashion. In follies dwelt unconventional beings, home to sprites and fairies, temples to exotic gods, offices to hermits.

In the summer of 2021 visitors will be able to explore a trail of contemporary follies at Borders Sculpture Park, and participate in a program of events, both in the park and around the wider countryside.

Photo: Keith Robeson

2019: House of the Indifferent Fanatic

Henry Krokatsis created a gravity-defying structure, suspended in mid-air by opposing forces.

In the courtyard we displayed The Blanket by David Murphy, an inspiring meditation on the warp and weft of textile weave.

2018: The Messenger

The Messenger, by Hilary Jack, was a series of four site-referential works in the landscape, made in response to the rich history of Mellerstain House and the fascinating characters who lived here.

Photo: Keith Robeson

2017: XXX

For Borders Sculpture Park’s inaugural exhibition, Steve Messam’s fascinating inflatable installations transformed the surrounding landscape and buildings.