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Photo: Keith Robeson

2019: Summer Party

In celebration of Henry’s levitating house, we invited the Kite Club of Scotland to fill the sky above us. Luke Winter, author of Stories For Strangers, set up camp taking writing prompts and inspiration from our guests, and local folk legends Jiginaboot created a magical musical atmosphere.

Photo: Keith Robeson

2018: Illuminated Artworks

We lit up each of Hilary Jack’s artworks in a different way. Whilst No Borders was self illuminating, The Messenger glowed under floodlights; the lines of In Memoriam were traced with LEDs pointing to the center to create a stunning rotational effect. True to the Borders tradition of torching our Pele towers, we set Look Out ablaze. A fitting end to a piece so evocative of local Reiver history!

2017:Illuminated Artworks

Steve Messam’s inflatable sculptures acquired an entirely different quality when lit from the inside, under the full moon. These voluminous spaces captured the light in spectacular style, penetrating the darkness like the luminescent creatures of the deep sea.